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Siddha Maha Yoga

Siddha Maha Yoga is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that has been passed down through a lineage of masters in India for eons. Thousands of practitioners around the world engage in daily meditation as well as events and activities organized by local communities.

Community & Contact Details

The Siddha Maha community is made up of self-organized local and online communities and non-profit organizations. Each community is fully powered by incredible volunteers who organize events and activities and manage the Ashrams. You’re invited to explore these communities in Communities & Ashrams page and locate the contact details of the organizers on our Sadhak Support page. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or inquiries!

Fees & Donations

There is no cost of any kind for receiving the Siddha Maha blessing or practicing meditation. Everyone has the right to enjoy this divine process freely.

Accordingly, most of our community events are completely free of charge. Only some in-person retreats have attendance fees to cover swamis’ travel expenses and premises rents or maintenance. However, finances should never limit anyone’s participation. If you wish to join an in-person event but are not in a financial position to pay for your attendance, please contact the organizers to find a solution.

Siddha Maha Yoga do Brasil has a community registration fee that goes towards supporting the local Siddha Ashram. An asana is provided to each participant for use in meditation.

If you wish to support Siddha Maha Yoga financially, our Ashrams are open to receive donations. Donating is completely voluntary and is never required from our community members. However, financial contributions help our Ashrams significantly to maintain and develop the sacred spaces. If you feel called to donate, you can contribute any amount that feels comfortable and suitable for you.

Global Website Project

In summer 2022, Swamiji was asked what’s on top of his list to help him fulfill his mission. He replied, a worldwide Siddha Maha Yoga website. As per Swamiji’s wish, sanghas throughout the world began to collaborate to create a global website for Siddha Maha Yoga and a dedicated team took on the project in December 2022. 

The website was envisioned to be a worldwide portal to Siddha Maha Yoga – a place to learn about it, experience the different sides of Shakti, find the local and online communities, and for new sadhaks to begin their journeys. Its goal was to make Shaktipat accessible to all as well as publicly present Siddha Maha Yoga with high quality and clear content. The website aimed to bring together our global community while respecting and making visible the different sanghas and cultures.

The project started with visioning and planning the website together with Swamiji, other swamis, organizers and representatives from local communities, and gathering existing materials and information about Siddha Maha Yoga. In summer 2023, after months of extensive background work, the team started to work on content creation, design, and web development. Especially the explanation of Siddha Maha Yoga was created closely together with Swamiji. Finally, the website was launched in late autumn 2023.

We want to thank everyone who contributed to the project by participating in visioning and planning, donating, or sharing photos, testimonials and other materials. Every contribution was invaluable for making this happen!

If you have any questions, inquiries or feedback about the project or the current website, please reach out to the coordination team!

Katarina Ekström | katarinamustonen@gmail.com | +358 400 572 126
Joonas Ekström | ramojoonas@gmail.com | +358 400 269 664
Savita Maa | SunPresenceofLove@gmail.com | +1 (530) 925-6260

Photo credits

Covers and other main images are taken by Michael Praytor, Katarina Ekström, Muriel Lacalmontie, Soňa Matejickova, and Paulo and Daniel from Brazil community. Other photos are sent by community members all over the world.

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