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Siddha Maha Yoga

Swami Gi Siddha Maha YogaSiddha Maha Yoga Lineage

Siddha Maha Yoga is a powerful divine process that has been passed down via a blessing through a lineage of masters for eons. Originating from ancient Indian traditions, it is a lineage of adepts remarkable for their purity and degree of spiritual realization. Each of the masters have made the Shaktipat system richer in their own unique ways, and had a profound impact on how Siddha Maha Yoga is today.

However, the story of the Shaktipat blessing goes way beyond the presented lineage of masters. Shaktipat is a way of awakening that was created and received by ancient Rishis, spiritual scientists, when they were deep in meditation. Their discovery leads us back to our origin – the Love that we inherently are.

Lineage Chart Siddha Maha Yoga

Swami Paramananda Tirth

A mountain yogi who dwelled in the Himalayas devoted only to deep meditation. He gave the blessing to two sincere sadhaks but it was his order for the future masters to give the blessing more freely and openly. He knew that something needed to be done to raise the collective consciousness, and that an effortless spiritual practice was needed. He knew it was time to make Shaktipat more open after thousands of years of it being secret. He continues to support sadhaks in his subtle form at any stage of their evolution. He feels like the overseer of the lineage, the gatekeeper of a sacred movement, which was started in India and spread out to the world.

Swami Mukund Tirth

A joyous being full of light-hearted grace. His life was a testament to sadhana, the spiritual practice. He lived to meditate and to evolve his consciousness to the highest level. His courage to live a life fully dedicated to sadhana makes him someone you can find inspiration from when your dedication to practice starts to waiver. He was pivotal in Siddha Maha Yoga becoming more accessible as he gave the blessing to Swami Gangadhar Tirth Maharaj, who later gave it to Swami Narayan Dev Tirth Maharaj.

Maha Yogini Lal Ded (Lalleshwari)

A great yogini with a very high level of consciousness. She can dissolve her body and manifest it at any time. After living many challenges in her early life, her siddhis (spiritual powers) were revealed spontaneously. She had no interest in having followers so she fled to the mountains in Kashmir, in a drunken bliss of her love for God. She longed for a teacher and whilst floating around she came across Swami Parmananda Tirth, sitting deep in meditation, in the mountains. She watched him in awe for many hours and when he finally opened his eyes and saw Lalleshwari, he said, “I have been waiting for you”. Due to her early struggles she can be an inspiration when daily life troubles are an obstacle to our sadhana, or we think they are!

Swami Gangadhar Tirth Maharaj

A recluse yogi, devoted to sadhana, a great being for our Siddha Maha Yoga lineage. He lived a quiet insular life in a kuti (cottage) in Jaganath Puri. He effectively wanted to live invisible to the world so he could focus on his sadhana. He was the epitome of love and his consciousness was so high that he could see the future in one of his disciples and knew how to best guide him. If you’re feeling lost in your sadhana and have decisions to make, connecting to this master can help you find the best solution that will bring the deepest spiritual evolution.

Swami Narayan Dev Tirth Maharaj

A no-nonsense guru! He led his devotees to self-realization with love and compassion but took no nonsense. His path to becoming a guru was difficult as his guru took the blessing from him as an act of love. It may have seemed harsh at the time but his guru knew that if he continued to meditate with the awakened force his karma would drag him out of meditation. He had to live it. He re-gave the blessing 20 years later after he had fulfilled his duty as a husband, father, and son. Swami Narayan Dev Tirth went on to be the first guru who gave the blessing to many sadhaks. Call on this guru when you are feeling you need some strict guidance!

Sri Yogananda Maharaj

A householder guru who was highly evolved. He shows it is possible to realize the truth as a householder. It is not necessary to leave your life to become enlightened. He did it through worldly life and all the challenges that brought. He didn’t conform to social expectations and was blatant with his teachings. He followed his internal guidance despite it going against strong social and cultural rules. He is a master you can call on when your inner guidance asks you to be courageous and go against the norm.

Swami Vishnu Tirth Maharaj

A very wise and concerned master. He was a deep thinker and was intrigued by the deeper spiritual matters of prana, nadis, and the way Shakti works within the energy system. His research and books opened the sadhaks’ minds to the inner workings of Shakti and how prana cleans the energy system and the five bodies. He was humble yet powerful, and every word he spoke held transformational power. You can access his wisdom in Swami Shivom Tirth's books where he speaks about him.

Swami Shivom Tirth Maharaj

A master of compassion and humility. He was the master of Sri Swami Nardanand Ji Maharaj. He gave the grace of Shaktipat freely, with humility and love. His books offer a deep insight into just how humble he was; humble, yet powerful and sweet. His heart led him to offer his life in service to the divine so that humanity could evolve and grow and suffering could end. This master feels the most accessible through his books and through the stories told by Swami Nardanand who lights up when he speaks of his open-hearted and loving master.

Sri Swami Nardanand Ji Maharaj

The Siddha master for this time! An accepting and loving yogi who tries to make everyone free – free from their minds, rules, dogmas and illusions. His heart is pure and his happiness is a sadhak’s evolution. He is kind and simple, yet powerful and wise. He sits humbly as the holder of this lineage and bestows his grace freely, uplifting the humanity.

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Swami Ji
Swami Jyoti Maa about Lineage

“A sacred lineage has existed since the beginning of time; a potential for human evolution. A wanderlust energy that requires unending joy to be our birthright. It seeks the hearts of all to lead us back to our origin. This actually was the purpose of Earth; a playground for souls to realize what they are beyond the layers of love; to know we are Love in every incarnation and to realize its flexibility and boundlessness within the limited form. Love is all we are, and in knowing that, we are free.

Lineages of beings, with this innate wish to help this origin energy return us to our truth, were born through the Grace of Love. Through the grace of Love, this specific way of awakening was created and received by ancient seers (rishis) when they were in deep meditation. Love came forth in their hearts and they shared the way to go directly back to the Source, to bring forth the liberation of so many beings. God is not what we have been taught it to be, god is this original energy, this potential that is within the core of every manifestation on this planet. It is the power of love that wants us to be free. The lineage of masters hold the key to unlock our hearts to the love that we inherently are.”

-Swami Jyoti Maa