Chart of Consciousness

Chart of ConsciousnessSiddha Maha Yoga Chart Of Conciousness

How do our experiences in meditation and daily life evolve during the Siddha Maha journey? What phases can we recognize in our evolution? Which parts of our subtle body have the most activity in each phase? Swamiji has shared his insights on these questions through the Chart of Consciousness.

Before you dive in, we want to remind you that the process is not linear. Our level of consciousness fluctuates until it ultimately stabilizes in living liberation. Experiencing high consciousness at times and then finding ourselves at lower levels again is a natural part of the journey. However, this chart provides a general idea of our conscious evolution in the Siddha Maha process.

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Stage of ConsciousnessFeelings and AttitudesManifestations of Shakti
Nadis are the energy pathways in the body, with a total of 72,000, among which 14 are important and 3 are vital.
Chakras are the seven energy centers in the human body.
Full Enlightenment,
Jivan Mukti, Turiya Avasta
Continuously full of unconditional Love, Peace, and JoySamadhiBrahma Nadi

Sahasrara Chakra

Living ConsciouslyBliss, Reverence, Love, Calmness, Serenity, Trust, Confidence, Discernment, CompassionMudras: Yoga Mudras, Kheshari Mudra, Shambhavi MudraChitra NadiAjna Chakra
Survival / TransmutingGood Will, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Willingness, Affirmation, Humbleness, Reason, Positive Thinking, Acceptance, Neutrality, Detachment, Courage, Hope, Generosity, Patience, EmpathyMore refined kriyas (like yoga postures), PranayamaShushumna NadiVishuddha Chakra, Anahata Chakra
First Progression: Self ObservationUnderstanding, Grief, Guilt, Remorse, Confusion, Clearing, Resolve, Insights Awareness of Self-CriticCrying, Wild kriyas, Worried, racing mind, Sleep irregularities, lots of energy, Skin crawling, itching sensations, nervous energy, other manifestations of transmutingUsually Chandra (Ida) Nadi for longer than than Pingala NadiManipura Chakra
Dense or Gross State of ConsciousnessTrauma, Anxiety, Depression, Judgement, Cravings, Humiliation, Hopelessness, Negativity, Shame, Scorn, Vengeance, Delusion, Blame, Selfishness, Fear, Hatred, Jealousy, Greed, Anger, Lust, EgoWildest kriyasNadi changes faster (every two hours)Some vibrations in lowest chakras