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Is Siddha Maha Yoga suitable for me? How is it related to other spiritual practices? How do I prepare to receive the blessing? What practical things should I take into account when meditating? We have gathered responses to these and many other frequently asked questions to help you both before embarking on the journey and during your practice. If you have more questions in mind, feel free to contact us and ask!

General questions

Is Siddha Maha Yoga suitable for me?

Siddha Maha Yoga is open and available for everyone regardless of their background, culture, social class, nationality, religion, beliefs, or any other factor. You can be brand new to meditation or have years of meditation experience. Everybody has a right to enjoy this divine process. All we ask for is deep and sincere curiosity and a commitment to daily practice.

Please note that primarily the blessing can be received by persons who are at least 18 years old as this divine process is very powerful and certain maturity is needed to have a deeper understanding of the experience. However, minors at least 16 years old may receive the blessing by parental approval and discussion with a swami. For younger children, a mantra blessing can be offered. Please contact one of our organizers to discuss more.

Siddha Maha Yoga and other spiritual practices

I am part of a religion or have another spiritual practice. How does Siddha Maha Yoga fit together with that?

Siddha Maha Yoga goes well along with other spiritual practices. You don’t have to leave your religion or practice for that. In the Siddha Maha process, the blessing and meditation help you to connect with your inner self and surrender to your inner knowing. Allowing them to guide your practice will take you in the direction that feels natural for you and is needed for your spiritual evolution. Your existing practice may deepen, transform, or stay the same – it is totally individual. It is your journey and your way.

Is Siddha Maha Yoga related to Hinduism or other religions?

Siddha Maha Yoga is not limited to any religion. The blessing and the meditation practice connect us to our inner selves and lead us to the realization of our true nature. This essence of truth is beyond any religion, beliefs, cultures, backgrounds, teachings, or disciplines. The same inner potential lies within everyone and everything. While Shakti is commonly known in Hinduism, it can be found in various spiritual traditions, albeit with different names and interpretations.

The lineage of Siddha Masters has moved through the Indian tradition of swamis but also through householders. The current living master, Swamiji, was born into a Snatan Hindu family, so he uses words and stories connected to Hinduism. While this is his natural way of explaining things, he wishes that people feel the deeper wisdom beyond the references.

I am weary of different masters and gurus. What makes Swami Nardanand different?

Swami Nardanand is a master with extraordinary purity and authenticity. He doesn’t ask for anyone to follow him or his words, or pay for his blessing or wisdom. Neither does he give anything to anyone in the blessing, but simply aims to connect people to themselves and their inner potential. Swamiji empowers people to be independent and led by the power that is already within them. His presence radiates love, kindness, and peace, inspiring individuals from all walks of life.

I’ve heard there are others who give Shaktipat blessings. How does this differ from them?

Swamiji is not the only one who can awaken our inner Kundalini Shakti. There are various masters with different ways and techniques to give the blessing. However, Swamiji is an advanced Siddha Master whose blessing is uniquely pure. Simply by his divine intention, love, and grace, he awakens our inner divine power called Shakti. The blessing induces a process of reawakening to discover our inner potential, true nature, and deep joy. There is no energy transmission such as pranic shock or energetic shock. The blessing is completely safe, and its effect doesn’t wear off over time. The lineage has no connection to tantric traditions or energy work; it is not given with a touch from the master nor with a mantra or any external technique. As the blessing is given without touch, it is equally effective from a distance as in person.

It is notable that the name Shaktipat is too often misused. For example, some people use the name when giving energetic shocks or using other forceful ways to try to awaken Shakti. While this can induce a strong immediate experience, it can be both unsafe and not result in lasting benefits. If you wish to receive a Shaktipat blessing from another master, it is of high importance to ensure the purity of the master, their lineage, and the blessing.

Receiving the blessing

How can I receive the blessing?

You can receive the blessing by contacting a local community of your choice. You can choose a community by location or language, or participate in the Just Enjoy Meditation online community. Blessings are given in live and online events, such as satsangs and retreats, organized by these communities. You can register through a community of your choice according to their registration process and event calendar. On this website, the Begin Your Journey page provides the information you need to get started.

The blessing is a brief moment between you and Swamiji, during which his divine grace gently awakens your inner divine power, the Kundalini Shakti. Right after receiving the blessing, you will do your first 1-hour meditation.

How do I prepare for the blessing?

Arrive for the blessing with deep and sincere curiosity, and with no expectations. We encourage you to take a shower before and come with an empty stomach. Please bring sweet fruits and/or flowers as an offering to Swamiji and as an act to open your heart to receive the blessing. It is an Indian tradition and a mark of respect when visiting a master who offers a sacred blessing. After the meditation, the fruit will be yours to enjoy.

In Siddha Maha Yoga, we meditate sitting on a woolen cloth which we call asana. It must be 100% wool and be only for your personal use in meditation. It helps to hold the prana, or life force, which multiplies during meditation and serves as a tool to cleanse your system. We recommend you have your asana in the blessing as Swamiji will bless it as well. However, if you aren’t able to acquire it before the blessing, don’t worry – you can get it blessed later in another satsang!

Can the blessing be dangerous?

Swami Nardanand’s blessing is uniquely pure. Simply by his divine intention, love, and grace, he awakens our inner divine power, the Kundalini Shakti. No effortful energy transmission is included. The purity makes the blessing very safe, and its effect doesn’t wear off over time. It systematically takes the person in the right direction.

If Shakti wakes up through a forceful or impure method, it can go into the wrong energy channels. Therefore, ensuring the purity of the master, lineage, and blessing is very important.

While the Siddha Maha blessing is safe for your system, it is notable that some individuals experience an intense internal process as a result of Shakti awakening. It may include, for example, strong purification where one might come face to face with their own seeming shadow, or mental confusion from trying to understand divine revelations with a limited mind. In this process, we don’t work with the mind, and it can be mentally difficult for us to surrender. However, our inner divine wisdom brings us these experiences only if we are ready for them and if they are needed for our spiritual evolution.

While we encourage independence in the practice, not every experience needs to be dealt with alone. We have a team of volunteers with deep experience from Siddha Maha Yoga, ready to hold space for you in case of difficulties in your practice. Also, if you have any medical or mental illness or concerns, please contact our support persons to discuss them. Please note that Siddha Maha Yoga is not a healing modality for physical or mental health but a way to realize the truth.

Meditation practice

How should I set the space and time for my meditation?

Ensure that you have a safe and quiet space where your meditation will not be interrupted. Do not allow pets or small children to be in the space with you as their systems may be impacted by prana, our vital life force that multiplies in meditation.

In Siddha Maha Yoga, we meditate sitting on a woolen cloth which we call asana. It must be 100 % wool and be only for your personal use in meditation. You can get your asana blessed by Swamiji in the moment of your Shaktipat blessing or in a separate asana blessing. Your asana helps to hold the prana which serves as a tool to cleanse your system. Set your asana to your chosen spot, and use any cushions and props you need to find a comfortable posture to sit in.

You can choose any time of the day that is suitable for you to meditate for one hour. However, it is recommended to have a proper break between your previous meal and meditation, ideally 3 hours or more. Many choose to meditate as the first thing in the morning, the last thing in the evening, or even both!

Finally, your practice shouldn’t be dependent on where, how, or what time you meditate. The process should feel natural and suitable for you.

Which posture should I meditate in?

You can choose any posture that feels comfortable and natural for you. Most people choose to meditate in a seated position but it is also okay to lay down. You can sit on a floor or a chair, and use props and cushions to support your body. While some persons may sit completely still in meditation, some individuals may experience various spontaneous movements and changes of posture. Allow and enjoy whatever occurs naturally for you.

How do I know that the process is working for me?

The Siddha Maha process works differently for everyone. Each person has a unique experience, both in terms of meditation and its impact on daily life. The experiences in meditation can vary from vibrant and intense to very calm and inconspicuous. In any case, you can fully trust that the blessing always lands, and Shakti is working. Even if you don’t notice anything happening, it simply means that Shakti is working on the subtle parts of your system. This process doesn’t only aim for strong meditation experiences but provides what is best for your greater evolution. We encourage you to look beyond any expectations and notice even the smallest things that are occurring.

Over time, the most important thing is that Shakti begins to impact our behavior and daily life. When we begin to feel more joy, peace, and harmony in our behavior, we can be sure that the process is working.

I feel stagnated in my practice. What can I do?

In our meditation practice, we may come across several things that can seemingly prevent our progress. For example, we may be very attached to the external world or be entangled with our minds, trying to control the process. It is important to remember that we can’t lead or think of this process through the mind. In this divine process, Shakti, our inner potential, does everything. The more we are able to turn our focus inwards, surrender, and trust, the better the process will work.

What helps us to progress in our process is our deep self-honesty and will to know the truth. Swamiji often says that we need to be good seekers. It means having the deep and sincere desire to know our true nature and to know Shakti. It means the curiosity to know the nature of the Universe, God, and eternal love. This kind of deep fire of curiosity will have a significant impact on our process.

You can find practical help in your meditation by practicing pranayama before meditation. Pranayama refers to a set of breathing exercises and techniques that aim to enhance and manipulate the flow of prana, our vital life force, in the body.

If you notice that you begin to have more anger or a tightening of your ego, it is good to ask for personal guidance. You can contact our support persons, and they will be happy to guide you forward.

Finally, in this process, Shakti takes care of our progress. Our only responsibility is to connect deeply to this inner divine power. Be curious, wonder, allow, and enjoy how things unfold.

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