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Welcome to Siddha Maha Yoga's vibrant events! Our local communities organize satsangs, group meditations, and transformative retreats, both online and in person. Discover upcoming main events for each community.

New to Siddha Maha Yoga? Most events warmly welcome newcomers to receive the Siddha Maha blessing and learn about the practice. Visit the Begin Your Journey page for guidance and save the date for the event where you'd like to start your practice.

Returning sadhak? Join all the events of your local community and stay informed via their channels. Event details are available on their communication platforms. You can also explore events in other communities, respecting local culture and language, while giving space for local seekers to engage.

Curious about satsangs, group meditations, and retreats? Learn the terms and gain a deeper understanding of these experiences

There are no published events right now.

That doesn't mean that we're not planning any. The events will appear right here when they are published. So stay tuned.

Siddha Maha Yoga Events

Connect with Our Organizers

Do you have inquiries about our events? Are you looking to engage with a specific local community that currently doesn't have upcoming events? Reach out to our organizers via WhatsApp or email. They're here to address your questions and assist you.