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A Journey to Your True Nature

Siddha Maha Yoga is a simple yet powerful meditation process. It is suitable for everyone, regardless of their background or meditation experience. Despite being easy and effortless, the practice has transformative power. People who meditate regularly experience deep joy, inner satisfaction, and personal growth in both their meditation process and daily lives.

The journey of self-exploration begins with a sacred blessing and continues with sitting in meditation for one hour daily. At its core is the connection to our inner divine power called Shakti.

Siddha Maha Yoga 101 Guruji aka Swamiji

Blessing from a Lineage of Masters

Siddha Maha Yoga is an advanced, powerful divine process that originates from ancient Indian traditions and has been passed down through lineages of masters for eons. The current living master, Sri Swami Nardanand Ji Maharaj, affectionately referred to as Swamiji or Guruji, shares the blessing of his lineage with everyone who embarks on the Siddha Maha journey.

The blessing is a brief moment between you and Swamiji, during which his divine intention (in Sanskrit terms Sankalp) made in a high state of consciousness, gently awakens your inner divine power, the Kundalini Shakti. This blessing of reawakening to the divine within is known as Shaktipat. It initiates a process of discovering your inner potential, true nature, and deep joy. The blessing is a pure empowerment of love, without any effortful energy transmission.

You can receive your blessing either in person or through an online meeting.

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Effortless Meditation

After receiving the blessing, we begin to meditate daily. One hour of meditation daily is enough to get a lot of benefits, but you can also choose to meditate twice a day, one hour at a time.

In the Siddha Maha process, meditation is completely effortless. It doesn't require a specific pose, mantra, intention, mental concentration, or even an uncomfortable posture. All we need to do is allow Shakti, our inner divine power, to move through us.

During meditation, we open ourselves to the process of inner alignment and purification. Whatever is necessary for our evolution will happen automatically. The inner process can manifest as spontaneous sounds, emotions, movement, or anything else unique to each of us. In this divine process, Shakti is the one doing everything – we simply allow, trust, and enjoy.

Our meditation journey is supported by retreats and weekly online events, as well as a community of seekers. You can choose to practice by yourself or in connection with the community.

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Siddha Maha Yoga 101 Meditation
Siddha Maha Yoga Jyoti Maa

Shakti – Our Inner Divine Power

Shakti, also known as Kundalini Shakti, is the creative dynamic power of the Universe that resides within all of us and in everything around us. It is the primordial force behind the creation of the entire Universe and all life. This superintelligent power is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent – it sees and knows everything, and is capable of anything. Shakti is recognized across various spiritual traditions by different names and interpretations. It is a universal power beyond any religion, culture, discipline, background, beliefs, or teachings.

When we connect to our inner Kundalini Shakti, it begins to work within our system to fulfill three aims:

1. Shifting our focus inward.

In our daily lives, we as human beings are often absorbed in the external world, directing our attention outward toward sensory objects. When we connect to Shakti, the divine power within, our focus shifts inward. We begin to observe and discover our inner world and become guided by our inner wisdom.

2. Cleansing our being on all levels.

Once Shakti awakens, it initiates an automatic process to cleanse our minds, bodies, and energy systems. It reduces the influence of various impurities, patterns, impressions, conditionings, and toxins we have accumulated in our lives. We experience a reduction in anger, envy, greed, attachment, fear, anxiety, ego, and anything else that hinders us from living fulfilling lives.

3. Revealing our true nature.

Ultimately, the Siddha Maha process is a complete program to realize our true nature. We experience the activation of our inner potential and begin to understand the truth of who we are. We move towards the state of full satisfaction, joy, love, and bliss.

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"This divine process is a path of love. Through love, we can transform human life."


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Your Inner Potential Is Your Guide

Siddha Maha Yoga is a unique system as it aims to directly awaken and connect us to our inner potential. There are only very minimal external activities, rules, guidelines, or limitations – and once the meditation has begun, there are none. This process doesn’t rely on learning from books or internalizing any external story or teaching. Instead, it helps us to connect to our inner wisdom, true nature, and the essence of truth, allowing them to guide us. This divine process aims to foster independence. It is an experiential and practical journey beyond beliefs, teachings, and disciplines.

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Your Unique Journey

Everyone engaging in Siddha Maha Yoga will have a unique experience, both in terms of the meditations and the impact on their daily lives. Your process is based on what is perfect for you, considering your needs, background, life situation, and impurities. The manifestations that occur and the speed of your progress are designed by Shakti, the divine power within, to serve you in the best possible way.

Manifestations in Meditation

Our inner process can manifest during meditation as spontaneous actions and experiences which we call kriyas. Shakti cleanses all the levels of our being through various mechanisms such as energetic sensations, sounds, emotions, movement, breathing patterns, and hand gestures. There are thousands of different manifestations that can arise naturally in meditation. In the beginning of our process, our kriyas may be wild and dense, and over time they become more systematic and subtle. These divine manifestations are unique to each person: some may experience more intense kriyas, and some experience very subtle ones. In any case, a sign of progress is that the manifestations change over time.

Siddha Maha Yoga
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Nothing happening right away is normal too

Everyone’s journey moves at their own pace. While some individuals experience unicorns and rainbows right after the blessing, it is much more common to notice changes after practicing for a while. It can take days, weeks, or a longer time – all of that is completely normal. The process does not always work recognizably, but internal transformation is constantly taking place. Therefore, we encourage everyone to honor their unique process and commit to meditating daily for at least 30 days after receiving the blessing.

Life-Changing Benefits

Through regular meditation, we begin to experience changes in our daily lives and behavior. The process bridges our inner and external worlds, leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life. We may discover benefits such as:

  • growth in simplicity, inner freedom, peace, harmony, and balance
  • lessened anger, greed, jealousy, fear, anxiety, stress, and other impurities
  • higher energy levels and detoxification of the body and mind
  • increased clarity, self-awareness, and spiritual growth
  • sense of belonging to the community
  • deepening connection to truth, bliss, and unconditional love. 

Thousands of people around the world have experienced life-changing benefits from this process. It works for everyone, no matter what your background or meditation experience is. Give it a try and see the transformation it can bring!

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Questions & Answers

What makes Siddha Maha Yoga different from other practices? Is it suitable for me? How does it relate to my other practices or religion? What should I take into account when meditating? These and many other questions and doubts may arise before embarking on the journey or during the process. We have gathered answers to the most common questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don’t find a response to what’s on top of your mind, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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