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Curious to give a try for Siddha Maha Yoga? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started.

Siddha Maha Journey

The Siddha Maha Journey

Siddha Maha Yoga is a simple yet powerful meditation practice that, at its core, connects us to our inner potential. When you embark on this soulful journey, you will receive a blessing from Swamiji, the master in the lineage of Siddha Maha Yoga. After receiving this sacred blessing, you will begin to meditate for one hour daily. Your meditation journey is supported by retreats and frequent online events, along with a global community of seekers. Your experience with Siddha Maha Yoga will be unique to you, but with regular practice, the life-changing benefits are guaranteed.

Sign Up for the Blessing

You can receive your blessing and an introduction to Siddha Maha Yoga in a live or online event organized by one of the Siddha Maha communities. To sign up for the blessing, you can pick from three options:

Option 1. Contact a local community of your choice.

You can choose a community by location or language. For example, the community of Brazil welcomes both Brazilian people and all Portuguese speakers wherever they live. Reach out to the contact person of your chosen community to find out about their upcoming live and online events and sign up for the blessing. The contact person will guide you with registration and participation.

The main events of all communities are listed on the Events page but contact persons can inform you about smaller events as well. If your local community doesn’t have upcoming events soon, you can receive your blessing through another community and join your local one later.

Siddha Ashram Center in Alabama
Global online community Just Enjoy Meditation
Siddha Ashram in Ujjain, India
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Siddha Ashram Center in Alabama

Melinda Broadstone (Mindy)
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Global online community Just Enjoy Meditation


There are multiple communities across the Europe. One can find contact details from the Sadhak Support page.


Miguel & Joanna Guittard
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Siddha Ashram in Ujjain, India

Swami Pranavanand
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See all contact information.

Option 2: Take the Just Enjoy Meditation video course.

With the English-language video course, you can get an introduction to Siddha Maha Yoga in 40 minutes from anywhere and receive your blessing online within a week. You can start your meditation practice right away and become part of the JEM community that organizes dozens of online events every year.

Option 3: Enroll in the Just Enjoy Meditation retreat.

Have you been invited to the Just Enjoy Meditation online retreat by a friend or family member? Register through the link provided by them! If you have any challenges with registration, please contact

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Prepare for the Blessing

Preparing for the blessing is simple and requires only a couple of practical actions:

Get an Asana

In Siddha Maha Yoga, we meditate sitting on a woolen cloth which we call asana. It must be 100 % wool and be only for your personal use in meditation. It helps to hold the prana, or life force, which multiplies during meditation and serves as a tool to cleanse your system. We recommend you have your asana in the blessing as Swamiji will bless it as well. However, if you aren’t able to acquire it before the blessing, don’t worry – you can get it blessed later in another event!

Bring Fruits Or Flowers

You can bring sweet fruits and/or flowers to the blessing as an offering to Swamiji and as an act to open your heart to receive the blessing. It is an Indian tradition and a mark of respect when visiting a master who offers a sacred blessing. After the meditation, the fruit will be yours to enjoy.

On the Day of the Blessing

Arrive with deep and sincere curiosity, and with no expectations. We encourage you to take a shower before and come with an empty stomach. Right after the blessing, you will do your first meditation, so prepare yourself a comfortable spot to sit in for one hour.

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Begin Your Journey Meditation

After the Blessing

Meditate Daily

After the blessing, you begin to meditate for one hour daily on your own schedule. If you’re still hesitating about whether this practice works for you, we encourage you to commit to daily meditation for at least 30 days to experience the impact. Keep an open mind and trust the process – your experience will be unique and perfect for you.

Participate in Prana Groups

Prana groups are small circles for sharing your experience with others who have recently embarked on the Siddha Maha journey. Prana groups are facilitated by experienced practitioners who support you on the first steps of your journey. Weekly group meetings are highly recommended for everyone beginning their practice.

Build Your Practice

There are tons of different ways to engage in Siddha Maha Yoga. Make friends, attend retreats, volunteer, explore different communities, visit Ashrams, or just meditate on your own. It is totally up to you.

Stay Connected to the Community

Each Siddha Maha community has its own communication platform which you are warmly welcome to join. There you’ll find the latest information about upcoming events as well as fellow seekers to share the practice with.

Be curious, allow, wonder, enjoy – and watch your life change!